Серия MX3309XX

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The 3309 series was originally made by our competitor for an air compressor manufacturer. Metrix makes probes interchangeable with this series. Since they inherently have limited side view, they are good for some applications for small diameter shafts, or avoiding probe cross-talk in some special situations. Probes, cables and drivers or transmitters are combined within a unique SERIES and not mixed with other SERIES (i. e., 3300, 3300 XL, 7200 or the 3000 series). The lengths of the probes* and extension cables must combine for a system length of 5 or 7 meters. i.e.,a 1 meter probe combines with a 4 or 6 meter cable for a 5 or 7 meter system respectively and a 0.5 meter probe combines with a 4.5 or 6.5 meter extension cable for a 5 or 7 meter system respectively.
All proximity transducers have third party approvals, comply with API 670 Specifications, and feature patented ProxMatch™ component coding to assure proper matching of components.
Other Metrix transducers are available compatible with installed proximity transducers in the 7200, 3300, 3300 XL and 3000 Series. Proximitor, 3300XL, 3300XL NSv, 3300 NSv and RAM are registered trademeaks of the Bently Nevada Corp.

Серия MX3309XX
Серия MX3309XX

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